Adolescent needs to be taught lesson into temperance, into moderation, the qualities which he or she, generally lacks. Korean economist Ha-Joon Chang quotes a 1911 travel book that describes Koreans as “sullen, lazy and religionless savages”, something that hardly holds true today. Thus, the family influence plays a vital role in the process of social development. outside. It is also true that the role of women overall is affecting the country greatly. One of the reasons that health aid has more success than all other development aid is that vaccines, for example, do not require any input or maintenance by the receiver other than to avoid life threatening situations like falling off a cliff or some such. We see black Americans now leading in every sphere of life – art, science, literature, sports and ofcourse leadership. China may be a major power now, but it was the world’s most developed country in the middle ages, and stagnated, or even went backwards, for centuries. I Am in the middle of doing my research thanks for this it has been helpful a lot. I think humans are just like other living beings.Among animals never we can’t see the un natural birth control process.Here nature control living circle(like…lion eats rabit).Man is not exception in this process!In olden times man had a better life expettency…But now it decreasing day by day! community development is affect by community attitude towars it. 1. is development a call for social change Such activities make the environment stimulating, sublimating and developing. The importance of physical activities is two-folds; first, it is the most suitable period of life when, through appropriate physical exercise, a well-built muscular body may be developed; secondly, the brimming youthful energies may be creatively utilised for physical development. Especially, the period of pubescence is such when the children are likely to be inclined towards the reading of pornographic literature. Human resources is the best resources.we should keep it.China took strict family control(one chiled policy),but now they encouraging child bearing & child rearing. Home is the first socialising agency. There is spurt in physical growth. The factors are: 1. Because of excess of sex and some other hormones, the restraint over the flow and bursting of emotions, becomes very difficult. Content Guidelines 2. ( Sisman,2013 ). An adolescent becomes keenly interested in moving with his companions. Poor countries can see themselves as victims and become despondent. The adolescent lives in the peerage company, representing a changing society, a society in a state of flux. Protein energy malnutrition is the deficiencies of protein, energy and other micronutrients. The discrimination I observe though, is borne out of the social values, social customs and social traditions of a people. First hand information, through observation, happens to be more distinct, more enduring. This the far end of the spectrum, but culture works in subtler ways too. I haven’t included them in this article as it doesn’t come under cultural factors, but it’s certainly very important. I love the fact that I was poking about your site and came across this essay that holds particular interest for me. in the health and education of each child, Couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said, and you said it really well! reasons why India would never develop. There are some factors affecting in age groups women and children malnutrition by socioeconomic and cultural factors, biological factors, and environmental factors (1). children than those who work. Cultural and social factors that affect development – The Earthbound Report This is part 4 of an exploration into why some countries are poorer than others. Treating the Adolescents 5. The problem should be distinct to him. Over the years Bunyoro Region has remained undeveloped because of the factors that have persistently discriminated the people of the region of denied them opportunities to develop. Some cultures believe in a greater good, in unity, in the rule of law. But then, as you pointed out, this increase in population has not been matched by an increase in agricultural or commercial productivity rendering these people ever more dependent on outside aid. another issue on development is Marginalization within the community leads to poor participation in development as marginalized groups like women, people with disabilities, albino and the like are less concerned in development although these groups can serve many things in bringing about remarkable development. As Paul has talked about here before, world population has exploded. Discovery or inquiry method would suit to the inclination and needs of the adolescent. You also mention population explosion upon which I touch too. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I’m happy at the contributions. What is interesting is It helps for my essay. Believing that some kinds of businesses dont hold value to chiristian or muslim faith which limits entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity e.g. During the latter years of adolescence, as one proceeds towards adulthood, one starts feeling concern about one’s career. With the exception of devices to improve the disabled mobility. believes that every other tribe eats cats. In his The Wealth and They should be such that the children may indulge into them with great interest and gusto.


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