The cuneiform text of the so-called “standard inscription” of Ashurnasirpal II runs over the relief. On display, the Sulaymaniyah Museum, Iraqi Kurdistan. The Sulaymaniyah Museum, Iraqi Kurdistan. From Nimrud, Northern Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq. Afterwards, Mr. Hashim suggested that I should speak to Mr. Mutasim Rasheed Abdulrahman (Arabic; معتصم رشيد عبد الرحمن), former acting director of the museum during the 1980s. Hashim said Mutasim was the person who expanded the museum’s content, and he was quite sure that Mutasim had more information about these reliefs. Fragment of a wall relief from the northwest palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud. I flattered that he provided me with this useful information. Most of the content on A History of the World is created by the contributors, who are the museums and members of the public. The Assyrian kingdom had no natural boundaries and the fertile lands around the river Tigris attracted both mobile pastoralists and neighbouring powers. The relief shows part of the lower legs of two figures, barefooted. The reliefs were neo-Assyrian. The depiction of diverse landscapes with entire backgrounds filled by details of vegetation and physical features represent the varied world controlled by Assyria. Is the 1st relief mis-titled? The museum has no intention to conserve, display, and study the other seven reliefs. I chose the best pieces available. Exclusive photo; never-before-published. My intention to take photos of these reliefs and to publish them via Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE) is to document their presence and share them with the world. Thi relief was not on display before then. The museum was closed at that time because of the war, and its contents were very minor and small… most of which were replicas. Northern Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq. In Assyrian reliefs, the longer the beard, the higher the status. It is not credible that the King is shown barefooted; moreover, it is not clear whether those figures were Assyrian attendants or Apkallu. The Sulaymaniyah Museum, Iraqi Kurdistan. Sulaymaniyah, Iraq is presently a part of Iraqi Kurdistan (or “Kurdistan Region” or “Southern Kurdistan”). There is a armlet at the raised upper right arm; he seems to hold a cone (not shown). U bepaalt de grootte helemaal zelf Am I correct that the background of these reliefs is a fishing net, used as a military symbol like in the Enuma Elish? The Governorate of Mosul in Iraq is the site of several ancient Assyrian cities (Nimrud, Kouyunjik, and Dur-Sharrukin), in addition to Hatra. The “standard inscription” of Ashurnasirpal II is the only content, filling out all of the surface of the relief’s fragment. Only one out of these eight pieces is on display within the main hall of the museum; the others were never displayed, and they did not undergo any conservation. These showed them skinning their victims alive, blinding them, and impaling them on stakes.. One Assyrian King, named Ashurnasirpal II, has left a whole series of these tablets behind, and the descriptions are positively terrifying. The Mosul Museum later acquired these eight fragments and stored them. I’m very grateful to Mr. Hashim Hama Abdullah, Director of the Sulaymaniyah Museum for his continuous and unlimited help. All of these terms are used to describe the region. From northern Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq. It shows children.I think it looks like refuges. The fragments are relatively small and do not convey any clear-cut and complete scene. It is unknown whether this fragment came from the northwest palace or from another palace within Nimrud, or from another Assyrian palace in Nineveh or Dur-Sharrukin.


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