Both involve focusing on one thing. Reduce stress – Not only can meditation help reduce stress, but focusing on the positive aspects in one’s life can get rid of stress-related disorders such as nausea and headaches. A recent study by the journal Psychological Science looked at the relationship between meditation and concentration [2]. Zen meditation appears to be one of the best meditations for concentration because it makes the ventral posteromedial cortex more stable. Your email address will not be published. All of these methods are a pleasure to put into practice, and you’ll surely find at least one that works for you. With such overwhelming age-defying scientific evidence, it's easy to see why meditators so often look decades younger. You may have heard of alternative nostril breathing. 4)      Close your eyes and try to hold the image of the candle in your mind’s eye. It will help to give you a boost of focus. Change your brain, change your life. 4)      If you find that you are experiencing the same thought over and over, try this. Mudras are specific hand positions or body positions that are used in yoga and Buddhism. But it wasn’t until recently that we learned the scientific reason for the link between meditation and concentration. The point is not to be the world’s champion breath counter, but to encourage your mind to focus by using your breath as a support for your meditation training. As meditation practice develops the most fundamental axis of our being, it’s essential to rely on clear, progressive and genuine meditation methods from authentic guides. You might wonder how this meditation increases concentration. Why are meditators so often slim & trim? She took sixty participants and sent half of them on a three-month meditation retreat in Colorado. The lines changed in length every so often, at which the participants were told to click the mouse. The participants were asked to complete the tedious task of clicking a mouse when a line on a computer changed colour. ", "I am highly motivated to follow the next level on a daily basis! [3]. The reason mindfulness is so important is because meditators must deal with a seemingly endless flow of internal thoughts, emotional reactions, physical sensations, and external noises that cause the mind to wander away from the primary goal of concentration.,8599,2008914,00.html, Studies Say Meditation May Help, John Cloud,,8599,2008914,00.html, 3: Cognitive Effects of Mindfulness Training: Results of a Pilot Study Based on a Theory Driven Approach Lena Wimmer,* Silja Bellingrath, and Lisa von Stockhausen epartment of Psychology, University of Duisburg-Essen,, 4: Meditation helps increase attention span, Association for Psychological Science This means that a person can always benefit from more focus, even if they are not involved in business or academics. It is a controlled breathing exercise in which we breathe in through one nostril and out through the other. Meditation for focus may also benefit from the process of “whole brain synchronization.” This means that the left-brain hemisphere and right-brain hemisphere work in unison. For instance, you could try a guided meditation or listen to meditation music. Just as you notice your breathing during sitting meditation, pay attention to mindful walking. In other words, you are training yourself to do precisely the thing you want to do: focus. It increases creativity and cognitive functioning and also boosts your confidence at school or university. The main benefit of meditation for students is concentration. Study the candle’s form. Here's how meditation can make us highly focused & motivated. Writing for LiveScience, Charles Choi says [5], “The Zen monks had their brains scanned while they focused on their breathing. Finally suggest an alternative thought. From tapping into an everyday state of "flow" to harnessing the power of "now," here we discuss why meditation & happiness are one. The study also recognizes the scientific research dating back to the 1970s that established that Buddhist monks, well versed in meditation, performed far better than others do on concentration tests. And pretty much everyone would like to know how to tune-out distractions. Happy EquiSync® users send us their testimonials every day, we have posted a small sample here. Those participants who had meditated had improved concentration and were thereby more successful in the test. Leave a comment and remember to subscribe to our newsletter. The benefits from Levels 1 and 2 are evident and I am grateful for this. You can read more about the link between meditation and concentration on TIME. You can find great Guided Meditations right here on Mindworks. While holding this position and focussing on your breathing, repeat the sound Om. But thankfully there are lots of ways you can improve concentration. There are many ways to focus on the breath—you can be aware of each individual inhalation and exhalation or just focus on the outbreath. Psychologists studying mindfulness have now shown that you don’t need to commit too much practice to glean the full benefits. Vipassana meditation for concentration (script). Instead, like any new skill we’re trying to develop, it’s all about practice. Hi Paul I’m 55 and have been long suffering from lack of concentration beyond a short few seconds. The focus on these steps will make the process of achieving the desired results far easier. Very helpful. By spending ten minutes meditating on a mantra (chanting while focusing the mind on the sound), we can quickly improve regain control of the mind. Pay attention to the sensation of the sound. You’ve come to the right place. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. ), dim the lights and follow the script above. It is relatively easy to do this exercise. Close your eyes. No credit card required. Learning to focus through meditation provides you with the opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of your life, which help lower your stress and reduce symptoms associated with excess stress. Learn more about EquiSync's brainwave powered meditation system through our users most frequently asked questions (FAQ). © 2020 EOC Institute, 548 Market Street #75041, San Francisco, CA 94104 | About | Terms Of Use | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Money Back Guarantee. The pace and the guidance is excellent. I’ve been a meditation junkie for about four years now, and even with a consistent (read: semi-consistent) daily practice, I still find that my mind slips into deep thought, and I lose concentration. We concentrate through distractions. How can I be helped and whether your book covers everything that your website states? 1)      Sit comfortably with good posture, lie down, or stand up (I prefer sitting, but it is not essential. Mostly, it does this by calming the mind. Mindworks provides essential and extensive training in meditation practice and life coaching. Focused attention meditation, also called concentrative meditation, is when your attention is focused on a single object. He believed that meditation improves focus and concentration as well as strengthening other cognitive abilities. It is the perfect state of mind for focusing on studies. I would love to hear how you get on with this. The next technique that we are going to look at is a candle meditation (Trataka, otherwise called “Stillness Gazing”). Meditation's well-proven ability to generate a "neuron fortune" has massive implications & big benefits. Meditation, on the other hand, is an effortless exercise in which we rest our awareness on the subject. Vipassana is a Buddhist meditation for concentration, focus and insight. Look at the palm of your hands. Now when thoughts or feelings or external distractions come up, label them. This research has amazed scientists, who until now believed that any significant change in cognitive abilities took many years to acquire. See detailed charts. When you lose concentration, move away from your homework for ten minutes. Scientific research using neuroimaging technology has proven that meditation improves concentration and other areas of brain functioning. It's in our genes. Those with greater focus are often committed to development and personal growth. This is not limited to the focus on a single task or object. It’s affected my studies at college (at that time no one knew about ADHD), and is currently affecting my career that involves deep study of engineering sciences. Thankfully, there is a powerful and scientifically proven method to improving concentration using meditation for concentration and memory. Did you know that your brain power, intelligence, & memory can be dramatically upgraded?


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