If you accept that a person can be taught or shown how to look better in a photograph than you must also accept that someone out there was once not "photogenic" and learned how to look good in front of the camera. I won't deny that even for a second. The photogenic people have smooth, creamy, pink-toned skin with very few shadows or blotches, bright (not big) eyes, relatively small noses, and big, nicely shaped smiles with big white teeth. This suggests that eidetic images are certainly not photographic in nature but instead are reconstructed from memory and can be influenced like other memories (both visual and nonvisual) by cognitive biases and expectations. Join 6,449 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. I also find that big noses rarely photograph well. When a person talks themselves out of session by saying they aren't photogenic, that person is robbing themselves of the confidence boost they could greatly benefit from. Turning out great in the pictures is, in fact, a skill. To my knowledge, however, there have been no attempts to try to teach the ability to anyone. Light colored eyes are easier to photograph too but not a huge deal as long as you can expose for eyes and skin correctly at the same time. Therefore it flattens all of the features on our faces and distorts our appearances. The vast majority of the people who have been identified as possessing eidetic imagery are children. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Personally, I doubt it. Photogenic may also refer to a place or thing that appears attractive in photographs, but the word usually applies to a person. And a small nose. There are some people that are easier to photograph. Clint Eastwood's steeley squint wouldn't work to well with an easygoing smile. It's about what facial features translate better to print. Not sure anymore, as I've since quit. I think a lot of people are missing the crux of the question. The idea that because someone is not naturally comfortable in front of the camera they can't be taught to look amazing in photographs. Lidded, almondine, round, narrow, intense, cool, warm - the eyes catch attention, and they need to be something special. Research has shown that if a person verbalizes during the time he or she is scanning the original picture, this interferes with eidetic image formation. These are mostly casual photos. And it’s not just because their great personality isn’t coming through, as others have speculated. Well, there's a pretty funny (and somewhat helpful). How do you take a good selfie if you are not photogenic? This will always look good head on. There is one thing that we have to clarify from the very beginning. People have said that I'm photogenic and my face is not symmetrical. I actually don't think symmetry is your answer...symmetry is an answer to "what makes people attractive to others," whereas you're asking about those people who look better in pictures than in real life. sweetkid, exactly. Why should this be so? In contrast, a true eidetic image doesnt move as you move your eyes, and it is in the same color as the original picture. It's the second part that I reject. Although it is clear that eidetic imagery exists, psychologists still do not know why it occurs, what brain mechanisms may be responsible, or why it is found in such a small proportion of the population. In the scientific literature, the term eidetic imagery comes closest to what is popularly called photographic memory. With a few notable exceptions, however, most research has shown that virtually no adults seem to possess the ability to form eidetic images. I have high cheekbones, a strong jawline, deep-set eyes, and a pointy nose. Strictly visually speaking, some people are beautiful in person but not in photos. Head/neck ratio is the thing I've noticed that makes people who are attractive in motion look really funky in still photos. No one really knows, although part of the answer may be related to a rather obscure fact about the development of such images. So perhaps part of the reason why it is so rare to find older eidetikers is that adults are much more likely than children to try to both verbally and visually encode the picture into memory. :D (--> reference to America's Next Top Model, in case you haven't heard of that before.). Anyway, a classic example of someone who had all the right features is. BuzzFeed Staff, Español It used to be available on Netflix Instant, which is where I watched it. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. Unlike common visual images created from memory, most eidetic images last between about half a minute to several minutes only, and it is possible to voluntarily destroy an eidetic image forever by the simple act of blinking intentionally. Symmetry doesn't really play into it because you can always photograph around that with knowing how to pose. If this is true, then it means that adults are more likely to disrupt the formation of eidetic images and are thus much less likely to be identified as having eidetic imagery, even if they really do possess the ability.Can you acquire eidetic imagery through learning? There's no such thing as Photogenic. Another word for photogenic is bioluminescent. There are some people that are easier to photograph. Nthing symmetry and The Human Face. My answer is, a good photographer. After all, a perfect memory is what is usually implied by the commonly used phrase "photographic memory." But check there, too, if that's available to you. I think anyone can look stunning, provided the photographer poses them in a way that shows off their uniqueness and their humanity. You must believe this is true!?!" This utterance could be something as seemingly innocuous as covertly saying "Saint Bernard" upon seeing a large dog during the initial scanning process. Now I can hear some of you screaming at your screen saying "but Jason some people just naturally photograph easier than other people. The most common way to identify eidetikers (as people with eidetic imagery are often called) is by the Picture Elicitation Method. I have a few friends who are not especially attractive in person but who consistently look fantastic in photographs. What makes them special will vary from person to person, and it will need to work with the other features. As near as I can tell, it's because I have fair, reasonably glowy skin that reflects light well, a pretty huge and shapely smile, and the ability to hold my face still when smiling. You must believe this is true!?!" Furthermore, once gone from view, rarely can an eidetic image ever be retrieved. In it, an unfamiliar picture is placed on an easel and a person carefully scans the entire scene. In my experience having a very mobile or animated face/body works against you in photos ... it seems to increase the probability that you'll be caught by the camera in the middle of some gesture that looks fine as a full action, but whose individual pieces look horribly awkward. It can be hooked or crooked and it just adds character but a big nose casts shadows, which often photograph weird. I do believe this is true. Consequently, one of the hallmarks of eidetic imagery is that eidetikers use the present tense when answering questions about the missing picture, and they can report in extraordinary detail what it contained.


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