2 Has your love and appreciation for Jehovah moved you to think about getting baptized? 13 When you accept what the Bible teaches about Jesus, you come to love God’s dear Son. They believe that baptism is a sign of an individual’s choice to follow Jesus Christ. You have brought great joy to his heart.​—Prov. What should a person do before starting to build a house? Baptism is rooted in one single bible requirement simply and beautifully expressed by Peter. If so, this article has been prepared especially with you in mind. In the second and third generation of the early church, when Christian couples gave birth to children, they sought for a tangible means to mark their children as being set apart from the world around them. What do you need to do after you get baptized? Because of our sincere repentance and our faith in the ransom, God forgives our sins. During the ceremony, the parents are also required to dedicate themselves to bringing up the child in the Christian ways. Do you understand that your baptism identifies you as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in association with Jehovah’s organization? 14-15. 3:8; 36:9) He has made provision to save us from sin and death and has given us the prospect of everlasting life. (Ps. Both are Christian ceremonies, but baptism involves water while dedication does not. 5. Child Dedication. * As a result of your regular Bible study, you have come to know much about Jehovah and Jesus. 18 Before you can get baptized, there are a few other things you need to do. That love moves you to use your life to do God’s will, as Jesus did. 18. What do you need to do before you get baptized? So, it is not a Christian term. Please do not be anxious about meeting with them. (Heb. 86:12. 1:21) By means of his spirit, Jehovah gives us “power beyond what is normal.” (2 Cor. What does it mean to get baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, as stated at Matthew 28:19, 20? is also now saving you.”​—1 PET. (Heb. To be his follower, we must be willing to accept “the expense” involved​—the challenges and the sacrifices. Baptism vs Dedication. Because he needs to know whether he has enough money to finish the house. Peter commented on the reason why. Your dedication is a vow​—a solemn promise made to God. They want to make sure that you understand those teachings and that you are aware of the importance of dedication and baptism. 11:15) Jesus is our model. Are You Ready to Get Baptized? Examining scripture, we discover many references to adult baptism following a conversion experience, thus signifying personal identification with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Jesus was discussing what it means to be his disciple. Baptizing an infant carries with it the same symbolism. What will you need to do after your baptism, and how can you do that? They include:Dedication refers to a Christian ceremony or rite where an infant is dedicated to God and is welcomed to the church. (Matt. Consider what Jesus said when he gave the commission to make disciples. 21. 116:12, 14. and How to Remain in God’s Love, you should continue studying with a Bible teacher until you finish both books. 17 If you feel that you are ready to get baptized, you no doubt have already taken a number of steps to build a good relationship with Jehovah. 4 What is dedication? 19 If you have not yet completed your study of the books What Can the Bible Teach Us? 3:21. seeking first the Kingdom.” (Matt. 27:11. Your dedication is a vow —a solemn promise made to God. When you accept these precious truths, your heart moves you to dedicate yourself to Jehovah and get baptized. 26:41) Your sincere prayers will draw you closer to Jehovah. Absolutely! How is dedication related to baptism? (1 Pet. Repent of your sins and turn your life around, Read God’s Word and meditate on it every day, Keep seeking first the Kingdom in your life. (Acts 3:19) You are eager to tell others about your faith. When we show by our actions that we have faith in the ransom, we can have our sins forgiven, develop a friendship with God, and gain everlasting life. According to 1 Peter 3:18-22, what are two reasons why baptism is necessary? 11:6) You completely trust in Jehovah’s promises found in the Bible, and you are convinced that your faith in Jesus’ sacrifice can save you from sin and death. 4:2) Then let the coordinator of the body of elders know that you want to get baptized. Baptism & Dedication Infant Baptism Historically, the Evangelical Covenant Church has accepted both infant and adult baptism, intentionally avoiding the division that baptism can sometimes cause. 14 What did you think when you learned the following truths about the holy spirit? (b) What does it mean to “disown” oneself, as mentioned at Matthew 16:24? * Recall that dedication is a vow and that Jehovah expects you to keep it. Historically, the Evangelical Covenant Church has accepted both infant and adult baptism, intentionally avoiding the division that baptism can sometimes cause. 2:17) Your brothers and sisters in the congregation are your spiritual family. 14:8) You are telling him that from now on, you will be focused on serving him and not on pleasing yourself. Water baptism first began as an act of washing all or part of the body to purify it, or to wash away all of the individual’s sins and transgressions. Baptism is an act of openly identifying with what Christ did on the cross. In your search for Baptism invitations, you might have come across invitations that mention Christening or Dedication.Like many parents, you’re probably wondering how Baptism, Christening and Dedication are different from each other. Neither is “dedication” found in the “Glossary of Bible Terms” of the Revised NWT. It is, not a person, but God’s active force.


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