For more information you can visit be going to future tense grammar page. How to form future plan structures? (Sorry, every prediction about the future can't be rosy.). In theory, one could string two going-to futures together ("I'm going to be going to eat"), or, to more easily disambiguate them, use the modular future for the reference point ("I will be going to eat"). And if you're looking to get more done in our paltry 24 hours, know the 15 Ways to Double Your Productivity in Half the Time. One out of seven exports from China go to Walmart, he says, and even Warren Buffett doesn't believe Walmart has a future. How long before it just replaces them completely? The sky is getting darker and darker. The location later became unnecessary, and the expression was reinterpreted to represent a near future. That's what Google's Eric Schmidt was promising in 2005, saying that the company would eventually "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." With Lingolia Plus you can access 13 additional exercises about Future Simple (going to), as well as 718 online exercises to improve your English. Just wait till they're making their own diseases. Future continuous. Ian Pearson, a senior futurologist at the U.K.-based company Futurizon, claims we'll soon have bathroom mirrors with LED displays and high-resolution cameras. If it doesn't rain, we'll go to the park. (Correct) The weather report says it is going to rain tomorrow. Granted, you'd need to live a long, long time to experience it, as we're only gaining about 1.7 milliseconds every 100 years. ", Dr. Nayef Al-Rodhan, a Neuroscientist and Geostrategist—which are two occupations that almost sound like fake jobs from a science-fiction movie—says that it's only a matter of time before human beings create "transhumans," which are just "improved versions of themselves that will eventually pose a threat to non-enhanced humans.". The BBC is pretty confident we can make this happen in the not-so-distant future. Data & trends It sounds exciting and troubling at the same time. Trump made a new party, and that is the party of the future. Post-biological humanity begins to spread throughout the Galaxy, transforming dead worlds into computational substrates. It is going to crash into the yellow one. Pretty soon we'll all be eating food that isn't really food, some of which tastes (according to one early review) like "vinyl, and latex, and the dust of my grandfather's ashes." Stephen Hawking, the world famous physicist and cosmologist, isn't very hopeful about the future of our planet. In fact, a 2016 report found that the new era of "antimicrobial resistance" could kill up to 10 million people each year by 2050. That sounds downright Orwellian. There is no clear delineation between contexts where going to is used and those where other forms of future expression (such as the will/shall future, or the ordinary present tense) are used. If it doesn't crash into Mars, it will break apart into countless tiny bits, which will continue to orbit the planet. We're all doomed." 10 Best Tips for Sleeping on an Airplane. Certain expressions can help us to recognise the tense being used in a sentence. Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley startup, believes that "we will be the first species ever to design our own descendants. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. It's either going to be really, really amazing, or really, really awful. [1] It is an alternative to other ways of referring to the future in English, such as the future construction formed with will (or shall) – in some contexts the different constructions are interchangeable, while in others they carry somewhat different implications. Read about how to make the future simple here. Nanotechnology Engineers at Samsung are hard at work trying to develop a pair of contact lenses that let you go online and read your favorite websites without lifting a finger. That time may be coming sooner than we think. dwindling resources, overpopulation and technological upheaval. Energy & the Environment We have usually made our plans before the moment of speaking. Look at that car! Worksheets - handouts >> Future simple tense (will) Fill in the blanks quiz Business & Politics But according to Akira Iritani, a professor at Kyoto University, "Now the technical problems have been overcome, all we need is a good sample of soft tissue from a frozen mammoth." Beyond 10,000 AD Below is an online fill in the blanks quiz about “be going to future tense”. You can usually make the negative in two ways. Examples: If I go to my friend's house for dinner tonight, I will take a bottle of wine or some flowers. 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